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Coronavirus Information, Links, Support, hypnosis

Coronavirus Information, Links, Support,

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is taking us into challenging times right now.

Coronavirus Information, Links, Support, hypnosis
Coronavirus Information, Links, Support,

Governments are applying restrictions on our movements and social contact which will have an impact on our well-being. These restrictions are in place tor our own good but there is also a price to pay. As human beings we have the ability to imagine a future which can be hopeful or fearful. Whatever happens in the future, our world will be changed.

Anxiety, stress, tension and worry have a positive role to play in our actions and behaviours. Prolonged anxiety, stress, worry and tension is not so healthy. It can lead to a loss of motivation, apathy, despair and depression. In doing so the Coronavirus impact on our mental health can stop us doing those things that can make life, as it is at the moment, more bearable.

Nothing stays the same. Life goes on. There will be drugs developed that will enable us to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of the Coronvirus. We just need to hang on and go on with our lives in the best way that we can right now.

With this in mind, this website will provide links to health, government and other resourceful websites.

As a experienced hypnotherapist and psychotherapist who for over 20 years has been helping others cope with anxiety, stress, tension and worry, In will be adding my own insights and thoughts. I hope these will ease your concerns and enable you to adapt to your new life-style.

I am provding online sessions (Skype, Zoom) of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and EFT aswell as some highly effective hypnosis mp3 downloads for Stress, Relaxation and Confidence. These are offered at a discounted rate to anyone who is in need.

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Steve Harold DCH DHP